French Wine

This section covers the basics of French wines and is offered as part of our French Food & Recipes series. Some of it is specific to French wine (e.g. wine classifications) while other parts are applicable to wines in general (e.g. how to store wine).

For more information, please click on any of the following topics:

  • Storing wine - The essentials of storing wine

  • Wine Classifications - The four classifications of French wine

  • French Wine Regions - A review of the main wine regions of France

  • Choosing a wine - When serving wine with food, it is extremely important to choose a wine that complements the food, enhancing the flavour rather then detracting from it or conflicting with it. Here is a short quide.

  • How to serve wine - There are a few important guidelines when serving wine. One is that the wine is at the correct temperature, another is that wines are served in the correct order.

  • Wine tasting and selection - How to correctly choose a wine (in particular before buying it) by following the basic principles of wine tasting.

  • Maturing wine - Some wines are ready to drink immediately upon purchase, while others need to be stored and matured. This page discusses the process and philosophy behind maturing wine,

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