Houses for Sale in France

There are many types of houses for sale in France. In all regions one can find character properties such as village houses, farm houses, Château and stately homes. In addition one will find the types of property common in the UK and rest of Europe such as new build homes, flats, apartments and other types of standard construction.

There are also various types of houses which are characteristic of certain regions of France, such as Chalets in the mountains (in particular the Alps) or Villas in the south of France. The regions vary widely in terms of architectural style, materials, decorative styles and construction methods. Consequently, there are many house styles which one will find are restricted mainly to a given area, region or department of France.

Following is a list and explanation of common styles. If you are looking to buy a property, you can go to our home page by clicking on Houses for Sale in France.


A style of house associated with the south of France. It typically consists of a large detached, stone-built rectangular building. The roofs are tiled and have a low pitch.


A small to medium house made of wood, with decorative balconies, and with roofs designed to withstand snow, found in mountain areas. If located near or in ski areas, often referred to as a 'ski chalet'.


This term is not well defined. In general it is used to describe a house built in the traditional style of the Charente region.


In general used to describe a large historic building, normally stone construction. There is an official register of Château in France but the term is sometimes used to describe large and impressive buildings that are not on the register. In addition, the term is also used to describe a vineyard, regardless of the size or nature of the associated house.


This term roughly translates to 'estate' in English. It is used to describe a large piece of land used for a specific purpose (e.g. wine growning).


Depending on context, this can either me a farm or it can mean a farm house.


A small farmhouse or a farmhouse-style cottage.


A long, single-story dwelling, one room deep. They are of traditional construction and consequently are made of local materials (e.g. in Brittany, granite would be used).

maison à colombages

Colombage refers to half-timbering, so this would be a house of half-timbered construction. In other words, the walls would be built of beams, which have been in filled with bricks, plaster or other material. In England, this style of construction is associated with the Tudor period. One also often finds houses of recent construction which have walls of normal material covered with a facade made to look like half-timbering.

Maison de Maître

An imposing house, normally of 2 or stories, with a large symmetrical front, large windows and often of stone construction. Usually located in a city or town or the centre of a large village. Maître roughly translates as "master" and is used as a polite form of salutation (in place of Mr./Mrs./Monsieur/Madame) for certain professions of note (such as a lawyer or notaire). Historically, people of sufficient standing to deserve this title would be expected to live in a house of the style just described.


This term is used in the southern parts of France (especially in Provence) to describe a medium to large property, generally located in the countryside.

Maison de Ville



A moulin is a 'mill'. A number of these have been converted to houses, some of which offer huge character.


A modern bungalow, rectangular in shape.


A style of building associated with the Périgord, characterised by high and very steep roofs. It is typically a single story, although in same case the roof area is converted to provide a second story with dormer windows.


Large, flat and open structure associated with the south of France. Designed for the affluent, offering loads of space and large landscaped gardens. Often with pastel colours, low tiled roofs, and heavy walls which provide protection from hot summer days.

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