Crêpes Suzette with Sour Cherries

Our traditional Crêpes Suzette Recipe does not have a filling, as it consists of a Crêpe in a sauce. However, adding a sour cherry filling is a variation which is extremely popular, even if it is not traditional.


For this variation, one needs about a bottle of sour cherries from which the pits have been removed. For eight people, a pound of sour cherries (about 400 g) is about right. For more or fewer people, adjust accordingly.


Then make the Crêpes Suzette as per normal (see the Crêpes Suzette Recipe). Just before folding the Crêpes at the end of the recipe, add some cherries to the centre. Then serve as normal.


The sour taste of the sour cherries very nicely offsets the sweet taste of the Crêpes Suzette sauce, which is one of the reasons that this variation is so popular.


Although I've served this recipe many times, I've never come across it in any recipe book. Consequently, I've named it after the person (Isabella) who first introduced it to me. Thus Crêpes Suzette-Isabella.


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