Peach Liquor

(French: Crême de Peche)

Ingredients for approximately 5 liters (5 quarts):


- 1 litre freshly pressed peach juice

- 2 litre of alcohol  45º (d'eau de vie)

- 1 kg of sugar

- 1 vanilla pod

- 1 glass jar 4 litre (4 quarts) or two 2-liter jars (2 2-quart jars). Jar should be sterile (clean).





Preparation Time: 30 + 30 Minutes

Maturing Time: 6 weeks






  • Remove the pits from the peaches

  • Cut peaches into cubes and extract the juice (1 litre)

  • Mix the juice with 2 litre of alcohol in the jar, add the vanilla pod, and close jar (the top should be air-tight)

  • Leave the jar in the sun for 6 weeks

  • After this filter the juice through some cotton

  • For approx. 1.4 l of syrup mix 1 kg of sugar into 400 ml of water and bring to a boil

  • Leave it to boil until the syrup water has become completely clear and little bubbles are rising to the top

  • Let the syrup cool down completely

  • Mix the two: 400 ml of syrup to 1 l of peach juice

  • Fill the Crême de Peche into small bottles and close with a cork

  • The Crême de Peche is ready to be mixed with wine or champagne after another 2 months



If you have syrup left over, mix with lemon juice, bring to a boil and bottle. This is a marvellous and refreshing syrup drink for children and adults alike.


For tips on making Liquors see How to make Liqueurs, Equipment Required for Liquors, and Liquors: Top Tips.

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