Questions and Comments

Following are some of the common questions and responses. If they do not answer your query, feel free to contact us.

1) Translations to other languages

All information provided on the advertisement form is translated, except for the last 2 fields (Title, Notes). These 2 fields are duplicated for each of the 6 languages. If you wish, you can use online translation facilities (e.g. www.freetranslation.com) to get the translated text for these 2 fields.

2) How do buyers contact me?

 At the bottom of each advertisement, there is a contact form. When this form is completed, an EMAIL is sent direct to you.

3) Explanation of 'Change Account'

The first command when you click on 'My Account' is the 'Change Account' command. This allows you to change the following information associated with your account:

  • Username - You can change your login Username
  • Business Name - This is the business name which appears on all advertisements. We suggest that private sellers leave this as 'Private Sale'. For agents, you can set this to your name or the name of your business.
  • EMAIL Address - This is the EMAIL address that all queries are sent to. Queries are generated from the contact from at the bottom of each advertisement.
  • EMAIL2 - Same as the above EMAIL address. Used in case you want a copy of queries send to a second EMAIL address.

The remaining fields are ignored for private sellers. For agents, the explanation is as follows:

  • For agents, in addition to your individual property advertisements, you can have a dedicated page advertising your business. Each advertisement has a link to this page. The remaining fields (e.g. name, phone number, website) is where you provide information that you might want on the advertisement page. The last field (PUBLIC) had a number of tick boxes which you use to indicate for each item if it is displayed or not.

 4) Explanation of 'Add Advertisement'

This command is used to add advertisements and photos. Once you have added an advertisement, you can change it whenever you wish and as often as you wish (see next point). The only mandatory field is 'Reference Number', which can have any value you like.

5) Explanation of 'Change/Delete Advertisement'

Once you have added an advertisement, you can change or delete it using this command. You can also activate or de-activate the advertisement. De-activated advertisements remain in the database but are not visible to users until you activate them.

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